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Bathrooms are our sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Somewhere to soak-away your sorrows and... relax. Since everyone's idea of a perfect bathroom is different, so are our bathroom tiles.

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How to choose your perfect bathroom tiles

Bathroom renovations can be timely and resource intensive, so choosing the right bathroom tiles first time around makes things a lot easier. There’s traditional or contemporary tiles and unique colours and patterns to match your style, but how do you choose? With so many options available, it can be a head-scratching decision to make. 

Size matters

Let’s narrow the options down by considering the tile sizes first. 

Our range of large format tiles, starting from 498mm x 498mm, require less grout and are generally easier to maintain, which, of course, makes them a great choice for bathrooms. 

Bathroom walls are the perfect place to create a feature, especially when it comes to splashbacks. If it’s detailed patterns and eye-catching interiors you’re after, then our range of smaller format metro tiles and hexagon tiles make the perfect choice. 

When it comes to renovating small bathrooms and downstairs toilets, larger tiles work great for creating a visual sense of space, whilst small tiles in small spaces often create a ‘boxed in’ effect due to more grout lines. Don’t let that stop you, though! When combined with minimalist walls and decor, the results can be stunning. 

Colour choices

Colour is a personal choice that reflects your style and personality, making it an important part of the decision process. If you’re struggling to find the perfect palette, opt for timeless colours and combinations such as monochrome, mocha & cream and blues. 

For something a little more contemporary, tones of grey and concrete make for a luxury spa-like feel. Love colour? Be sure to pick complementary shades that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel for a statement bathroom interior. 

Ceramic or porcelain?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both great contenders when it comes to renovating a bathroom. However, there are certain times when choosing one over the other has benefits.

If you’re looking to install a wet room, porcelain is best as it absorbs less water. For standard bathrooms, ceramic tiles are just as good, more affordable and often come in a range of HD printed designs and patterns. Check out our handy guide on ceramic vs. porcelain for everything you need to know.

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